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Career Pathways in HR in Kerry

HR professionals can either be a generalist or specialist - know the difference? Read more on this career pathway in HR.


Looking to get into Accounting and Bookkeeping in Cork?

Interested in developing a career in accounting or bookkeeping? Pitman Training Cork may have the answer!


Are you ready for your role in Management in Laois?

Do you believe you are ready for a role in Management? Read on.........


Life as a Web Designer in Cork

The job of a web designer goes beyond just designing a website - have you got the skills?


A Career as a Medical Secretary in Wexford

Doctors rely on Medical Secretaries to provide the all-important role in the health care profession. If you want the skills to progress in this profession then read on.


A Day in the life of a Secretary

What do you think a secretary does? A job as a secretary is all-encompassing - want to find out more? Read on.........


Want to know about a career in Management in Kerry?

When seeking a career in Management there are a few things you need to know! Pitman Training in Kerry can give you the right training programme to achieve your goal in getting the career in Management you want.


Looking for a career as an Accountant in Laois?

Accountants are the backbone of every business - it's not just crunching numbers! Fancy a career in Accounting? Then read on .......


Benefits of Having a Software Development Qualification in Securing a Career as a Programmer in Wexford

Seeking a career in software development requires having a qualification in programming, which gives you the right skill needed to function effectively as a coder. Do you want to work in high paying organizations or choose to be an entrepreneur? Then read on...........


Upskill with CPD full and part time courses in Waterford this summer!

Invest in yourself as businesses do - businesses proactvely support and operate CPD initiatitives....read on!


Are you considering a career in Cork as an Accounting Technician? Top 5 tips!

If you are considering undertaking a bookkeeping or accounting training course in Cork, then read on for our Top 5 tips!


Ready for something new?

Take a step closer towards a new career in Kerry! Read on................

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