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Life as a Web Designer in Cork






Life as a Web Designer

Every organisation needs a web designer who can create a compelling and user-friendly website for the firm. And that is why the field of web design has grown sporadically in the last few years. At present, the average salary of a web designer in Ireland is €30,605. An entry-level web designer can earn up to €27,227 while an experienced web designer can earn an average total compensation of €37,281.  When pursuing a career in web design, it is vital to note that the job of a web designer goes beyond just designing a website. A web designer works in different industries and as independent consultants. From planning and execution to communication and marketing, the job of a web designer is all-encompassing.

Skill to become successful web designers

  • Communication Skills: When it comes to presenting and selling your work, you need to be clear when communicating with clients.  You must speak intelligently of your design choices, and how your design can make a positive impact on your clients business.
  • UX: A web designer must create user-friendly websites for their clients. You need to make thorough research and have a good knowledge of your clients business, competitors, and customers.
  • HTML: This may seems like a daunting task. However, the present-day web designer is expected to know how to code.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets is the code that tells the browser how to style and format HTML for a web page. This skill helps you put your creative stamp on every site you create.
  • Time Management: Time management skill is essential for anyone who wants to be a successful web designer. As a web designer, you must be on top of your schedule, plan your time well, and prioritize your work well.
  • Training: A web designer also need the right training to standout and secure high paying jobs or contracts for those who choose to be independent consultants.

Pitman Training Cork offer a Web Design Specialist Diploma.  This Web Design Specialist Diploma is designed to teach you the essential skills needed to secure a dream job as a web designer in a top-rated organisation. This training is perfect for people who are creative with an eye for design and a passion for technology. To find out more about this diploma or the wide range of courses we offer call us on 021 484 9989, WhatsApp/SMS 087 739 9557 or email [email protected] 


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