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Boost Business Productivity through Employee Touch Typing Training

This training programme allows you to see the direct impact of professional touch typing training for your staff with a unique ROI report

Train and improve the key typing skills of your employees and you'll reap the rewards

It makes sense that as a business, you could see a valuable ROI if you invest in an employee training and development touch typing program.

Honing fundamental skills, such as touch typing, in your staff will show itself with an increase in efficiency and productivity in your workforce, which should have a positive impact on business performance overall. Your staff will also feel the benefits!

We’d highly recommend assessment of your staff typing skills. It might be something you’ve never looked at in detail before but, when you consider that 80%* of computer users are not typing efficiently, the likelihood is there are improvements to be made.

Even if each staff member achieves a small % increase in typing speed and accuracy, the positive benefits of professional touch typing training cannot be underestimated for a business.

The 6 Benefits of Touch Typing:

1. Speed - This is going to be the first and most obvious benefit of learning to touch type. A touch typist can easily reach typing speeds above 75-80 words per minute, while a non-trained individual is around 10. This is increased by the fact that an accomplished touch typist doesn’t have to look at the keyboard. Not only will you become more efficient, but you will also be able to direct focus where required.

2. Accuracy - One of the most important things to learn no matter how hard you type is to type accurately. This increase yours or your staff’s confidence in their document production as they will know what they are writing is spelt correctly and grammatically accurate.

3. Time - If you increase your typing speed for example, from say 30 words per minute to 60, you have effectively halved the time it would take you to do the same amount of work. An average two finger typist, typing at a speed of 10 words per minute, will type a 170-word section in about 17 minutes. A touch typist, on the other hand, typing at an average 60 words per minute, can type the same section in around 4 minutes. It has been proven that a trained touch typist can save around 20 – 35% of their time used on a computer through learning this skill.

4. Decrease Fatigue - Typing is both psychologically and physically exhausting when done for long periods of time. Learning to touch type properly reduces mental and physical fatigue. Mentally, it keeps you from having to focus on two things at once. All you have to worry about is your output, not finding the individual keys. Physically, it keeps you from constantly having to bend your head over the keyboard to find your next couple of keystrokes.

5. Health - Overall, touch typing is better for your health. You’re not hunched over looking at the keys, and using all of your fingers actually reduces the risk for repetitive stress injuries (RSI).

6. Productivity - By learning touch typing, you shall become more productive and even increase your own or your staff’s confidence. Time is nearly halved and errors will become near enough non-existent. Touch typing is a skill to be proud of and is desired within most industries.


Productivity Booster Programme

Our Typaz Productivity Booster programme offers a unique way for you, as an employer, to see the impact that professional training can have. The Productivity Booster programme involves:

  1. An initial assessment, using the typaz Skill Evaluator, our business typing test for employees to identify those employees who would benefit the business through improving their typing speed and accuracy
  2. Typaz courseware for the employees whose initial assessment reveals scope for skills improvement
  3. A post course assessment, again using typaz Skill Evaluator, to measure improvement since the initial assessment
  4. A ‘Return on Investment’ Report in which the amount of money you, the employer, can save or gain as a result of your employees’ typing skill improvement is shown.

For information about our CPD accredited touch typing training and how we can help increase your workforce productivity, contact a training centre near you or enquire online.

Pitman Training is also a highly recognised provider of staff training courses and corporate training courses aimed at professionals in most business sectors.  Contact your local Pitman Training Centre on 1800 532632 or via or Quick Enquiry Form.

* Source: Typequick 

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