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Help your staff to help you - invest in them

Are you an employer looking for a cost-effective training solution for your staff?

We are absolutely certain that we can develop the right training programme you require and many of our courses are officially accredited by The CPD Standards Office.

We have well over 200 courses and seminars on offer, which include administration support, management development, IT and personal development options. Some Pitman Training centres have also developed different services to reflect the needs of their local corporate clients. Please contact the relevant centre to discuss how training can best be delivered to meet your needs.

We can offer you:

  • In-company training
    Some of our centres send our experienced tutors and course advisors to your premises to deliver Pitman Training courses. We’ll work with you to make sure the facilities and equipment are appropriate and liaise with your HR team to ensure your evaluation criteria are met.
  • Off-site, tutor-led training
    Your staff can come to us at appointed regular times and our course tutors will lead the training. We’re situated in handy town and city centre locations and can open at hours to suit the requirements of you and your staff.
  • Supervised self-paced learning
    If you are happy for your staff to come to us either at appointed times or at flexible times to suit your staff, we will ensure their learning is fully supervised and provide you with a weekly report on their progress via email.


To develop a bespoke training programme for your staff or find out more about organising a programme for your team members, please give us a call or contact your local Pitman Training centre.


Employee Training and Development

Help your staff to help you - invest in them!

Corporate Training Programs and Group Training Courses

Group Training Courses

We can work with you to produce a bespoke learning plan for your team.

Staff Training Courses with Pitman Training

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Focused, well-trained and well-skilled people are more motivated - adding value and contributing to the success of your department and growth of your organisation

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Why train with us?

Whether you want to improve your career prospects, gain that promotion or get back to work, our flexible training enables you to learn from any location using our unique and flexible ways to study.

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180 Years

Our heritage and longevity as a leading training provider, has enabled us to provide vocational training since 1837.

80+ Centres

With over 80 local training centres in Ireland, the UK and further afield, we help thousands of people advance in their career each year.

250+ Courses

We offer over 250+ self-paced, flexible courses, which you can start at any time, to ensure you can find training to suit your lifestyle.

1M+ Completions

Our unique training, based on practical activity using live software, has helped our students successfully complete over one million courses.

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