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Marketing Courses

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How to get into marketing

When you learn marketing, you become part of a highly sought-after industry with countless career opportunities.

Not only does a marketing degree provide valuable access to the marketing world, but marketing trainees also acquire a wealth of transferable business skills along the way. Some of these include business planning, brand strategy, data analyses and creative writing.


Do I need a degree to get into marketing?

Many industry leaders expect candidates to have a marketing degree if they are applying for a marketing role.

Thankfully, a university degree of several years isn’t the only option; a Pitman online course provides the best chance of getting into marketing without a degree. We recommend our marketing training courses to those who are new to the sector as well as those who are keen to expand existing marketing skills.

Why choose a Pitman Training marketing course?

  • Pitman Training has long been regarded as one of the world’s top training facilities. A Pitman Training digital marketing course provides the competitive edge employers seek.
  • Our range of marketing training courses covers everything from the basics of building a marketing plan, SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click), and more. Learning digital marketing often pairs well with event management and social media courses.
  • Our digital marketing training centres can be found across the UK, with courses running all year long. If that isn’t convenient, there are online marketing courses, too, if you would prefer to learn digital marketing at home. Our course advisors are on hand at your local Pitman Training Centre to provide support throughout your course.
  • You can choose to take on digital marketing training anytime you like. Whether it is full-time or part-time, you enjoy a flexible schedule that fits your timetable.

Careers in digital marketing

  • The average digital marketing salary is approximately £35,000, although introductory salaries typically begin at around £18,000.
  • Many marketing trainees find work in the digital marketing or PR world, but there are also options to work in the retail, HR and secretarial areas of employment.
  • Marketing disciplines are widely varied; a marketing course can enhance an existing role, such as business management, or be used to build a career in digital marketing.

Digital marketing courses available

We have a range of world-class courses and diplomas in our digital marketing training portfolio.

From our Marketing Mix course – an entry course into the marketing principles of product, price, place and promotion – to our Digital Marketing diploma – a deeper dive into specialised areas of marketing, there is a Pitman Training course to enhance your career prospects.

Notably, all our Pitman marketing courses are CPD-accredited, meaning trainees accrue valuable CPD points upon completion. CPD points are a well- regarded accreditation for marketing associations and high-level firms.

Whichever digital or business marketing course you choose, whether online or in-centre, our experienced course advisors are with you every step of the way. Just get in touch for a free, friendly career consultation with the training experts.

Related Marketing Categories

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Whether using social media to market your products or services, build loyalty or provide customer service advice, you need to understand the full spectrum of tools available before deciding which to use. Our Social Media courses will enable you to create a strategy highly tuned to your specific objectives.

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