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What is web development?

The term ‘web development’ refers to the designing, creating and maintaining of websites. This includes creating a website’s structure, designing graphic elements and writing code. Our web development courses take learners with no experience in coding to the point that they can work as junior web developers.

Why choose a Pitman Training web development course?

  • Pitman Training is a highly respected brand. We have more than 180 years of training experience. Thus, a Pitman Training qualification from our programmes is a mark of excellence for any employee.
  • Our range of website development courses covers everything from basic HTML coding to using WordPress for business, to learning the fundamentals of CSS and JavaScript.
  • Looking to enhance your skills and improve your employability? You can combine your web development training with a related Pitman Training course. Web design courses are a popular match.
  • Our training options are flexible. Conveniently, courses run all year long. You can find our web development courses for beginners in training centres across Ireland. Or, we can accommodate remote study if you would prefer online web development courses.
  • You can choose to train any time you like. Whether full-time or part-time, you enjoy a flexible schedule that fits your timetable.

Careers in Web Development

  • Web developers can work as individual contractors, as part of agencies or in-house at companies. Salaries typically start at £25,000.
  • Future web developers can boost their skills with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator courses.

Web Development Courses Available

Pitman Training’s web development courses focus on both front-end and back-end development.

You can start at the beginning with Introduction to HTML courses. Learn HTML for beginners, then progress to a fully-accredited Advanced Software and Web Developer Diploma. You could also opt to pursue courses in CSS and JavaScript to expand your skill set.

Whichever you choose in centre or online web development courses, we pledge our support. Our experienced course tutors are with you every step of the way. Have a question? Just contact us for a free, friendly career consultation with the training experts.

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