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Learn the skills and knowledge required to work in server administration. Our server administrator courses will get you prepared. Browse our full collection of server courses, below.

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What is a Web Server Administration Course?

A server administrator’s job is to develop and maintain server systems. They also analyse and repair them when needed. Server administration courses teach every thing you need to know to handle this role. They also allow you to build your working knowledge of common IT requests you may receive on the job. When you study server management you will learn about configuring servers in the workplace and installing Active Directory.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular database management systems used. It is a particularly vital tool for server administrators. Microsoft SQL courses teach you how to use this system. You will learn how to build databases, write SQL queries, and develop scalable Transact-SQL applications. All these skills aid in windows server management and security. Studying SQL server training helps to enhance your knowledge as an IT specialist.

The IT sector is a fast-growing and competitive field. Thus, employers look at credentials to help sift through CVs. A Windows Server certification (or MCSA) is one credential they look for. This certification showcases a candidate’s server-specific skill set to employers before the interview.

You can boost your skill-set with Microsoft SQL training or with other server admin courses. Contact your local Pitman Training course advisor to learn about Microsoft Server certification. Indeed, we offer a wide variety of MCSA courses. These courses enable you to become proficient in windows server management and security. This skillset can provide you with many more career options.

Why study a web administration course with Pitman Training?

  • Employers have a high regard for our programmes. Server administration courses from Pitman give your CV a competitive edge. They certainly help you stand out in the IT industry.
  • Our server training covers it all from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Fundamentals of database management will help you build a solid foundation. This course will also help you get a certification in SQL Server. Existing IT personnel can learn advanced server configuration techniques in our courses. The Windows server administration course will allow you to level up your career.
  • Looking for more training to further enhance your skillset? Our server administration courses pair well with network & security and IT courses.
  • At Pitman, our server training is available online and in-centre. Those who prefer to study server courses in person can study with a trusted advisor in one of our local training centres. If you prefer online server administration courses, you can do that with us via myPitman.
  • All our server training in Ireland is CPD-accredited. This earns you valuable CPD points that employers hold in high regard.
  • Learn Windows server administration at your own pace. We design our server administrator courses to fit into your schedule.
  • You can always count on the support of our Pitman server training advisors. They will assist you whether you study online or at one of our training centres. You will always have someone to help you in your server management learning journey.

At Pitman Training, we offer a wide range of server training. This includes MCSA courses and Microsoft SQL courses. If you are looking for a way to start your IT career, you may want to study our Server Support Technician Diploma. This programme teaches you the essentials of server management. It will grant you a solid foundation to build upon.

Whatever skill level of server administration courses you need, you can study online with myPitman or in one of our local learning centres. Pick the server training method that best fits your schedule and needs.

Whichever server courses you choose, our experienced course advisors are with you every step of the way. Get in touch for a free, friendly career consultation with our training experts.

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