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Touch Typing Courses

Learning to touch type is a basic skill which will shave hours off your week, helping you to produce accurate documents with speed and ease.

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What is touch typing?

Touch typing is the cornerstone of computer literacy. When you learn how to touch type, you gain the ability to type without looking at your keyboard, using muscle memory to find the keys instead. Touch typing courses are essential for anyone who works with computers on a regular basis.

When you take a Pitman Training touch typing course, you boost your productivity and increase typing accuracy, giving you greater control over your working day. Your ability to type speedily and with minimal errors is something many employers will value on a CV.

How long does it take to learn touch typing?

Our shortest course, Typaz, is just 25 hours long. This course should prepare a complete beginner to confidently type at least 40 words per minute. Our advanced courses are slightly longer, taking upwards of 40 hours.

Why choose Pitman Training to learn touch typing?

  • With a long tradition that started in 1837, Pitman Training is highly respected among recruiters. A Pitman Training qualification is considered a mark of excellence for any employee.
  • Our range of touch typing courses covers everything from increasing your WPM for data entry, to audio transcription.
  • If you are short on time but eager to progress quickly, we also provide intensive touch typing workshops and professional in-centre seminars to fast-track your learning.
  • You can combine your touch-typing training with a related Pitman Training course to enhance your skills and improve your employability.
  • Our touch-typing training centres can be found across the UK, with courses running all year long. Our training options are flexible, and we can accommodate remote study if you would prefer to learn touch typing at home.
  • You can choose to train any time you like. Whether it is full-time or part-time, you enjoy a flexible schedule that fits your timetable.

Careers with touch typing

Touch typing courses available

Pitman’s Typaz courses (Typaz, Typaz Speed, and Typaz Professional) provide a valuable first step into touch typing. To learn which course you should start with, try our Touch Typing Test to assess how you currently perform.

Once you have mastered your keyboard skills, consider branching out into areas such as medical transcription and legal transcription to show employers you are dedicated to their field.

Whichever touch-typing course you choose, whether online or in-centre, our experienced course tutors are with you every step of the way.

Just contact us for a free, friendly career consultation with our training experts.

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