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Businesses of all sizes utilise payroll to ensure appropriate payment of their employees. Study our payroll courses for a full understanding of this vital practice.    

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What is a payroll course?

Payroll is one of the most important functions of a business. It ensures employees receive accurate and on-time payments.

Payroll courses, give you the skills to manage a business’ payroll process, no matter the scale. With courses, you gain the qualifications to open up numerous career opportunities in this field.

What will I learn in payroll training?

In payroll training, you will learn how to use Sage (a popular payroll software) and conduct a manual payroll. You will also learn about the legalities surrounding employee payment. In some cases, you will learn how to use Excel, a commonly used software program.

Training will also give you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through practical exercises. Thus, it helps you to build your skills and confidence. After completion, you are prepared to jump right into a payroll career.

What are payroll qualifications and certifications?

Payroll qualifications and certifications demonstrate your proficiency in payroll processes.

Perhaps you are brand new to accountancy. Or maybe you want to expand your skills within a money management role. In either case, qualifications will enhance your career prospects in the finance industry.

Plus, all our payroll courses online and in centre are CPD-accredited. So you earn valuable CPD points, a respected certification to employers, as you train. Perseverance pays off, too - the longer the course, the more CPD points you stand to earn.

Why study a payroll course with Pitman Training?

  • All our programmes have a strong reputation amongst employers for their high quality. Payroll courses from Pitman give your CV a competitive edge in the finance industry.
  • Our Pitman payroll courses for beginners cover everything from the fundamentals of payroll at a business to how to use Sage software for computerised payroll.
  • Looking to learn online payroll courses alongside another Pitman training module? Our payroll qualifications pair well with accountancy and bookkeeping courses.
  • At Pitman, our training courses are available online and in-centre. Those who prefer to study payroll in person can do so with a trusted advisor in one of our local training centres. Or, if you prefer online payroll courses, you can do that with us via myPitman.
  • All our payroll courses in Ireland are CPD-accredited. Thus, you earn valuable CPD points that are highly regarded among employers.
  • Study online or in-centre at your own pace. Our payroll courses for beginners are designed to easily slot into your schedule.
  • Whether you learn online or at one of our training centres, we are here to support you. And you can always count on our payroll course advisors to guide your learning journey.

Payroll Courses Online

Pitman Training offers payroll management courses and awards for all skill levels. For example, our payroll training award is perfect for beginners. This award provides you with an in-depth understanding of manual and digital payroll. As well as teaching you how to use Microsoft Excel.

Our manual and computerised payroll unit is another fantastic payroll course for beginners. It includes lessons covering the fundamental processes, legislation and regulations of the role.

Or perhaps you already have experience in payroll and want a refresher in the technology. In this case, have a look at our Sage courses. They can bring you up to speed on this industry-standard software programme.

How to Start a Payroll Course

Starting your basic payroll course with Pitman Training couldn’t be easier. Just register online and select your preferred method of study. You can study at home or in one of our local learning centres.

Some learners are more productive in a dedicated learning environment. In this case, we recommend starting your journey at one of our local Pitman Training centres.

Or perhaps you prefer the comfort of your own home. If so, then our distance learning payroll courses also have you covered.

All our payroll courses online are available via myPitman, our online campus. Thus allowing you to study wherever you want, whenever you want. Whichever type of payroll course you choose, our experienced course advisors are with you every step of the way.

Get in touch for a free, friendly career consultation with our training experts.

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