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A Career as a Medical Secretary in Wexford








A Career as a Medical Secretary

A medical secretary plays an all-important role in the health care profession. They do not only prepare correspondence; assist doctors with reports, speeches, and conference proceeding; they also order supplies, arrange for patients to be hospitalised, and record simple medical histories.

A lot of doctors rely on medical secretaries to perform administrative functions such as scheduling of appointments, organising electronic files, and handling phone calls. To function effectively, a medical secretary must have excellent computer skills, know how to write and prepare reports, and operate office equipment like photocopiers, scanners, multiple-line telephone system, and facsimile machines.

Other skill every medical secretary must have includes:

  • Excellent communication: A medical secretary should be able to convey information to other hospital support staffs, Doctors, as well as patients.
  • Interpersonal skills: A medical secretary must have the ability to understand body languages, persuade people and negotiate with patients
  • Organisational skills: A medical secretary should be able to track patient first office supplies and ensure the smooth running of all administrative functions.
  • Right training: Although the job of a medical secretary does not require having a degree, you need the right proper training to function effectively.

Some of the medical secretary training courses available at Pitman Training Wexford include:

  •  Medical Admin Diploma: Pitman Medical Admin Diploma is designed for people who want to develop an administrative career in the medical industry. With this diploma, you can work in a GP practice, hospital, or other healthcare-based business with confidence.
  • MedicalReceptionist Diploma: This course is designed to give you the skill needed to work effectively as a medical receptionist
  • Medical Office Award: This award is made of three courses which are focused on helping you gain a reputation as a medical administrator. It is perfect for anyone interested in developing a career in the medical industry, and working as a Medical Administrator, Medical Clerk, Medical Secretary.

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