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A Day in the life of a Secretary


A Day in the Life of a Secretary

When you think of a secretary, the first thing that comes to mind is a picture of someone sitting at a desk, organising files and taking calls. However, the job of a secretary goes beyond that.  A secretary’s job is all-encompassing: he or she manages information, takes notes during meetings, schedules appointments, and sometimes initiates independent projects.


A secretary is a primary conduit of information from the employer to the rest of the world. Therefore, they must have the right skill needed to function effectively. Those who work in specialized fields such as law secretary and medical secretary must also have a good knowledge of that field.





What does it take to be a good secretary?

Maintain a high level of confidentiality: Confidentiality is a major quality of a good secretary. This is because a secretary is usually exposed to lots of private information about the employer, organisation, employees, and the client.


High level of professionalism: A good secretary behaves in a professional manner and has the right attitude. They know how to control their body language, dress for success, have a sense of humor and the right phone etiquettes.


Have the right skill: Good secretaries are self-starters who are usually tested when they work with a disorganised boss. As a secretary, you must be prepared for anything and ready to cope with your employer’s mood daily.


Right training: Although the job of a secretary does not require a Bachelor or Master’s degree, there are some essential training’s that a secretary who wants to stand out must undergo. Pitman Training Waterford gives you an opportunity to acquire the right administrative and secretarial skills needed to stand out.










Some of the secretarial courses available at Pitman Training Waterford include:


  • Administrative assistant diploma: This course is perfect for people interested in acquiring a high-level, well-rounded administrative skill set that will impress their potential employer.


  • Receptionist Diploma: Receptionist diploma is designed to equip you with the right skill needed to become an integral member of an organisation.


  • Office Skill Diploma: This course is designed to help you gain work-ready office skill; it can also be customized to suit the need of your organisation.


  • Medical secretary diploma: When you enrol in Pitman Medical Secretary Diploma, you will get the right skills needed to gain a recognizable medical secretary qualification.


  • Legal Diploma: This course is designed to give you the right skills needed to work as a secretary in the legal department of an organisation.


Finally, a secretary is the face of an organisation. To stand out on the job, you need to acquire the right training skills. Our team in our Waterford training centre will work with you to help build  the perfect programme to suit your goals and needs. Our training courses are flexible and at times to work around each student so you can train part-time, full-time, evenings, weekends and from home.   

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