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Accounting Technicians are part-qualified Accountants who can work in various different organisations covering day to day accountancy tasks such as accounting, budgeting, payroll, tax returns and final accounts preparation. If you are considering under-taking a bookkeeping or accounting training course in Cork, this is a great starting point, read on for a few handy tips to help you on your way.

  1. Education and Skills Training are key – an entry level qualification such as this Bookkeeping Diploma in Cork will give you the skills and training needed to offer your services as a professional bookkeeper. As you gain more work experience, you can add to your service such as Payroll, VAT and Accounts Preparation. This course can be completed in as little as 6-8 weeks.
  2. Step up your qualifications – an ideal choice following from the Bookkeeping qualification is this Accounting Technician Course in Cork where you will be exempt from half of the 10 core course modules following on from the Bookkeeping qualification. If your goal is to qualify in Accountancy the AAT qualification covers some of the material as the ACCA, so if you have this qualification you are exempt from the first 3 ACCA exams.
  3. Fine-tune some key soft skills time management, communication, adaptability, self-motivation, integrity and some strategic perspective on impact of financial decision-making for the company are key skills needed to be successful in an accountancy career. As you are starting out perhaps in a bookkeeping role, these would be ones to start developing right from the beginning so you have plenty of working examples to use and some fine experience to share when it comes to moving up the career ladder and interviewing for a next role.  
  4. Specialise – you could decide to focus on one of the many areas in accounting, such as financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, tax accounting or auditing. Developing your skills in one specific area, becoming specialist in that area is key to rewarding roles in the future.
  5. Market yourself – on LinkedIn, connect with any local Cork accounting groups and start connecting and networking with finance and accounting individuals on this valuable professional social media platform. Start by sharing and interesting articles you come across, perhaps even write a short post once a week. Ensure your CV and LinkedIn profile are focussed on the area you are looking for and that your personal statement is focussed on accounting and that your key skills tie in with the points above, along with the hard skills and training you have accomplished.



Our Cork training centre offers career guidance, interview skills techniques and CV assistance as part of a comprehensive career support to student. There is a range of finance and accountancy training courses in Cork available. From understanding business accounts, accounting principles, standards and conventions, costing and pricing to many other bookkeeping and Sage and Payroll courses.

On a wider level with over 400 courses in Cork currently available these include management courses, project management courses, legal secretary training and medical secretary courses, along with a wide range of IT, coding courses and web design. In fact, with the largest range of full and part time Cork courses, there is something for everyone.



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