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We've helped thousands of people advance in their careers, increase their salaries and expand their practical skills. Hear just some of the experiences our students have had, studying with us.

Choosing to embark on training really will change your working life, whether you're seeking new skills to help you work smarter, updating your ability to reach for a promotion, or wanting to learn skills for a profession new to you. From professionals wanting to advance their skillset, to individuals wanting to return to work after a career break, or step into an entirely new role, we've trained thousands of people from a wide range of businesses and backgrounds. Read just some of our past learners' success stories below.

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Dinamene Fonte, Foundation Diploma in Accounting Course with AAT

Despite already having a degree in accountancy and work experience working as an assistant accountant, Dinamene Fonte decided to take Pitman Training’s Foundation Diploma in Accounting Course with AAT to refresh his skills.

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Michalina Brodnicka, Web Developer Diploma

After initially studying in Poland before moving to the UK, professional chef, Michalina Brodnicka, decided to take Pitman Training’s Web Developer Diploma and put herself in a position to change careers.

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Raimo Uus, Advanced IT Support Technician Diploma

After growing up in Estonia, Raimo Uus decided to move to the UK where he began working for Amazon as a Warehouse Associate. Although Raimo wanted a career in IT, he recognised that he lacked the skills to pursue his passion. So, he underwent Pitman Training’s Advanced IT Support Technician Diploma to help him secure his dream job.

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Melanie West, Microsoft Office Diploma

After feeling like a lack of knowledge in computers was holding her career back, Melanie West decided to undergo Pitman Training’s Microsoft Office Diploma to boost her confidence and career prospects.

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Venita da Silva Noite, Graphic Design Diploma

With over 10 years in finance and accounting, Venita da Silva Noite decided it was time to try something new. Because of her passion for graphic design, she got in touch with Pitman Training to help her switch careers and chase her dream job as a graphic designer.

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Inga Orlowska, Foundation Diploma in Accounting Level 2

Despite Inga Orlowska’s educational background in economics, finance and HR, she decided to take Pitman Training’s Foundation Diploma in Accounting Level 2 to help her change jobs and boost her income.

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Pippa Scott, Executive PA Diploma with Medical Terminology

Before studying with Pitman Training, Pippa Scott had never enjoyed education. After leaving school, she worked as a manager in a bar. However, she decided she wanted a career change and underwent Pitman Training’s Executive PA Diploma with Medical Terminology.

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Pitman Training’s connections help Sinead Langton find her dream job in accounting

Ever since taking a work placement in finance, Sinead Langton has had a passion for accounting. However, after beginning an Accountant Technician Course at a college in Dublin, she soon realised she would not be able to complete her studies because of the college’s tricky location.

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Developing both personally and professionally with Pitman Training

Stepping outside your comfort zone is the primary way by which we grow and better ourselves. Thomaskutty Cherian is an example of someone who stepped out of their comfort zone and developed both personally and professionally.

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Pitman Training help Natalia land her dream job in the legal sector

Twenty-two-year-old Natalia Banaszczyk has an educational background in legal studies. However, after getting into university, she soon decided to drop out after her first year for personal reasons. After leaving university, she spent her time working in bars and cafes until the pandemic hit and forced the hospitality industry to close.

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Dominika Lis, Advanced Accounting Diploma

Despite graduating with a master’s degree in HR and a bachelor’s degree in finance and banking, Dominika Lis decided to further her education with Pitman Training’s Advanced Accounting Diploma.

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Adam Benghiat, Professional Development Diploma

After hearing about Pitman Training through his former business partner, Adam Benghiat decided to pursue Pitman’s Professional Development Diploma to change his career path.

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