Change is the law of life – Pitman Training help Natalia land her dream job in the legal sector

Change is the law of life – Pitman Training help Natalia land her dream job in the legal sector

Twenty-two-year-old Natalia Banaszczyk has an educational background in legal studies. However, after getting into university, she soon decided to drop out after her first year for personal reasons. After leaving university, she spent her time working in bars and cafes until the pandemic hit and forced the hospitality industry to close. This spurred Natalia to pursue Pitman Training’s Advanced Legal Secretary Diploma.

“Up until the pandemic hit, I was really enjoying working in hospitality. In fact, I was even going to do a course in hospitality management to help me climb the ladder. However, I soon realised how easily that whole industry could be brought to a standstill. I needed something more stable. I had previous work experience as a legal secretary, which I really enjoyed. So, I ended up deciding that was the line of work I should pursue,” explained Natalia.

“I started researching courses online and soon found Pitman Training. After going onto their website and reading some reviews and testimonials from other students, I knew they were the training provider for me. They really seemed like a company I could trust. I had a phone call with one of the team at my local centre who was kind and helpful. They asked me what my goals were and which jobs I wanted to be able to get after studying with Pitman. They then helped me choose the Advanced Legal Secretary Diploma because it best suited my ambitions.”


Pitman Training’s Advanced Legal Secretary Diploma gives students a thorough understanding of many different legal specialisations. This diploma is a course you can trust to turn you into an effective and highly efficient legal secretary. If you are committed, this diploma is suitable whether you’re newly experienced, or someone who has been in the post for some while and you just need to comprehensively update your skills.

“Taking Pitman’s Advanced Legal Secretary Diploma literally changed my life. I got offered a legal secretary job after the first five months studying my diploma. I have since moved on from that job to another firm. The firm I work with now told me that having my Pitman diploma on my CV was one of the reasons I landed the job because they actively seek students who have studied with Pitman Training.

“Before finding Pitman, I had taken a legal course elsewhere with a different provider. I found Pitman’s diploma provided me with way more detail and actually showed me the documents I would be working with in the legal industry. In fact, one of the reasons I felt so comfortable stepping into the new work environment was because of what I had learnt at Pitman.”

At Pitman, we also use the highest-quality technology to provide our students with the education they deserve. We are hands-on in supporting your learning and pushing you towards getting the diploma you want.

“Having the availability to choose where I studied was a big thing for me. I soon realised that I focused better at home as it allowed me to learn at my own pace and absorb information better – the centre was great, but it just suited me better to learn at home. The team at Pitman were great as well. They helped me prepare for upcoming exams and answered my questions whenever I needed help. I mainly studied in the morning, but having the flexibility was very beneficial.

“My advice to anyone interested in taking a course with Pitman would be to go for it. In my experience, they provide great quality courses that help you push on in your career. I would like to say a massive thank you to all of the team that helped me on my journey!”

Pitman Training’s Advanced Legal Secretary Diploma includes an extensive range of core subjects that include specialisations in typing to a high speed, Microsoft Word to expert level, and communication skills with our Effective Business Communication course. If you are interested in developing yourself personally or professionally in a supportive and flexible learning environment, get in touch with your local training centre.

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