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The Best Online Cyber Security Courses in Ireland


Cybersecurity has become essential for every business around the world. What’s more, this job has high earning potential. Thus, it has prompted many to consider it as a career choice. The problem for many is they don’t have the time to go back to University.

If this sounds like you, cyber security courses area great option. A diploma or certification will prepare you for a career. Or, it can help you advance in your current career. There are a few ways students can earn a cybersecurity certification or diploma. One popular method is to study in training programmes and courses. Online cyber security courses are beneficial because you can fit training into your busy schedule. What’s more, many current programs offer a hybrid approach. This allows students to have the best of both worlds. All these options offer a flexible approach to cyber security training.

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Cyber Security Training

There are many training options available across Ireland. Thus, you can choose the right one for your needs. The training you choose will depend on what skills you wish to add to your professional range. Also, what type of cybersecurity diploma or certification you wish to add to your CV.

Now, you can take online cyber security courses at your convenience. What’s more, many courses and certifications do not take long to complete. For instance, shorter courses can range from 24 and 70 hours to complete. This is between one and two weeks of full-time study. On the other hand, advanced IT and cybersecurity training is much more in-depth. This training will take about 250 hours or more. In other words, a diploma is about 10+ weeks of study. Even so, the diploma programs cover all necessary skills and can be completed in not too long.

Below, we show you some of the best cyber security courses and certifications. This will help you choose the best option for your career goals. Indeed, these courses are the first step to gaining internationally-recognized cyber security qualifications. With certification, you can prove your understanding of security and IT essentials. Thus, cyber security training will help you to advance your career.

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Best Certifications for Cybersecurity Careers

There are many certifications an IT professional can get. Yet, some of the most respected are through the Computing Technology Industry Association. This is also known as CompTIA. Additionally, Microsoft certifications are widely-respected and popular.

With these certifications, professionals can prove their skills to employers. Hence, they can help you begin a successful career in cybersecurity. Also, they can help you to advance your current career. Professionals may choose to pursue one or more of the following certifications. But, it’s always good to see which are the best for your chosen career path.

MTA Security Fundamentals

This stands for Microsoft Technology Associate Security Fundamentals. Users with this certification are able to start careers as Microsoft Technology Associates. What’s more, this certification is available for entry-level IT professionals. Thus, it’s a great option for those with no prior experience.

Pitman Training offers the MTA course designed by Microsoft. In this course, you will gain knowledge of fundamental security concepts. What’s more, it will teach you how to build secure Microsoft Windows Servers and Windows-based network operating systems. Also, you will learn about system recovery tools, creating active directories, and account management. Graduates finish the course prepared to take the MTA Security Fundamentals Exam.

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CompTIA Certifications

Internationally recognised CompTIA cybersecurity certifications prove an IT professional’s skills. Namely, they show that they can manage an organisation’s security systems.

CompTIA offers a series of certifications that align with cybersecurity career paths. In fact, each certification represents your expanding knowledge and improvement of your skills.

CompTIA cybersecurity certifications and courses:

CompTIA A+

For those who wish to begin a career in tech, this credential is right for you. It shows that you have the core skills and knowledge needed to succeed. In a CompTIA A+ course, you’ll learn skills such as installing and repairing PCs and operating systems. Also, you will learn about configuring and troubleshooting issues.

Pitman Training offers an accredited Comp TIA A+ course. The course should take students around 100 hours to complete. After, you can sit for the certification exam. Then, you’ll havewhat you need to begin working as an IT professional. For example, you could begin work as an IT Support Technician.

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The Network+ certification is very beneficial for a tech career. It shows employers you have the skills to work as a network or system administrator. In a Network+ course, you will learn to manage and maintain network infrastructure. Also, you will learn to install, configure, and operate network technologies. Further, you will learn about describing networking technologies and basic design principles.

Pitman Training offers flexible study programs for this course. Including, in-centre or online cyber security course options. It should take students around 50 hours or two weeks of full-time study to complete the course. With this training, you will have the knowledge to gain your certification.


This certification shows that you have a solid foundation in cybersecurity concepts. It can help you land an intermediate job in IT security. To gain this certification, you must be able to assess systems and put solutions in place as needed.

Further, Pitman Training offers a Security+ course. This course teaches students how to secure an IT network. What’s more, the training prepares students to take the certification test. Pitman offers flexible study programs in-centre or online. Also, the course should take students around70 hours or two weeks of full-time study.

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CASP+ stands for CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner. This is a cyber security certification for advanced-level Security Architects and Senior Security Engineers. Namely, those responsible for the leadership of an organisation’s cybersecurity frameworks. This course is best for those who are already working in IT. Also, for those who already have their Security+ certification.

The CASP+ certification shows you have an advanced skill level. Also, that you are better able to keep an organisation safe from threats. Further, it shows advanced skills in risk management, enterprise security operations, and architecture. Training covers technical skills in security architecture and security engineering. After studies, you can lead the implementation of security solutions across complex environments.

Accredited Cybersecurity Diplomas to Consider from Pitman Training

There are different ways to enter the cybersecurity field. The most common method is by taking security-related courses. By training, individuals can gain an understanding of complex security environments. Pitman Training is one of the Ireland’s foremost training facilities. With Pitman, you can take your IT knowledge and skills to the next level.

Pitman Training has many complete courses for cyber professionals. What’s more, these courses offer a much greater degree of practical and theoretical cybersecurity knowledge. A few of the courses available for cybersecurity professionals are -

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Advanced IT Support Technician Diploma with CompTIA

Offered by Pitman Training

Study Options: Online, In-Centre, or a Hybrid Combination

Duration: 250 hours or ~10 weeks of full-time study

This diploma is for professionals already in an IT position. For instance, those responsible for network management and maintenance. This programme results in an accredited diploma. In brief, this diploma shows an individual’s advanced IT knowledge and skills.

Students will receive 250 CPD points upon successful completion. Also, they receive theskills needed to work as an IT Technician or IT Support Technician.

Network Support Technician Diploma with CompTIA

Offered by Pitman Training

Study Options: Online, In-Centre, or a Hybrid Combination

Duration: 160 hours or ~7 weeks of full-time study

This diploma is ideal if you’re looking to take your IT skills to the next level and elevate your career. In the training, students will gain the knowledge required to ensure network systems run smoothly. What’s more, IT positions will remain in high demand with a high salary. This is a secure career as we move toward a digital world economy. Especially, in the wake of the Covid-19 health pandemic.

Pitman offers many different cybersecurity diplomas and certifications. For a full view of offerings, check out our networks and cyber security training.

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Get Educated. Advance Your Understanding and Navigation of Cyber Threats and Other IT Issues.

Educating yourself is the best defence against cyber threats. IT courses allow for professional development. They also allow for the ability to form an effective cyber defence. Thus, courses and cybersecurity certification set you apart as an informed IT professional.

Pitman Training has centres across the United Kingdom. Thus, no matter where you’re located, you can find a location nearby. Also, Pitman Training offers flexible learning styles that cater to various needs. Courses are available online, or in-centre. Further, courses offer in-centre help if you have questions during your course.

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