Are you ready for your role in Marketing in Kerry?

Are you ready for your role in Marketing in Kerry?


Are you ready for your role in Marketing in Kerry?

Marketing is an exciting career path to take. In your role as a marketer, you are required to identify new markets, get to appeal to the needs of customers, and are also involved in breaking into new markets. When considering a career in marketing, its essential to note that marketing is a broad career.

Every business needs a marketer, especially one that is skilled. Some of the main responsibilities of a Marketer are:

  • Advertising: Sales and Marketing departments for businesses would be responsible for the advertising of products. In advertising products and services to the business target audience, marketers will identify the most appropriate way to create engagement. Being a marketer means having to use a lot of creativity.
  • Promotions: As a marketer, your job description would also include promoting products and service. Although product promotions seem like advertising, they differ in so many ways. While advertising may be aimed at a wider audience, promotions are more specific and aimed at a specific audience.
  • Public relations: Marketers are the faces and voices of organisations. The sales and marketing team engages customers directly to create a positive image for the organization.

At Pitman Training Kerry

Here at Pitman Training Kerry, we offer some of the most renowned marketing training and course in the country. Flexible training options are available both in our centre in Tralee and at home through distance learning. We offer Diplomas and Courses which include:

Digital Marketing Diploma: With an expanding range of channels available to market through, this diploma will help you gain a great understanding of some of the key specialisms of digital marketing.

Marketing Assistant Diploma: This Diploma has been developed to give you the skills you need to work in a specialist marketing or PR agency, in-house for a company with its own marketing department or take on marketing and PR responsibilities.

Marketing Essentials: Over four lessons you’ll cover topics such as understanding what a marketing plan is, how to carry out appropriate research, how websites are designed to market a company, effective advertising and the four P’s of marketing products.

For more information on this flexi-training in Kerry or our range of courses in many areas such as Legal Secretary courses, Management HR; Business courses, Project Management courses, Bookkeeping & Accounting Technician courses or IT courses and Technical training call 066 718 5775, WhatsApp/SMS 086 071 0444 or email [email protected]

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