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International Women's Day - Women in Technology!





In a nod to International Women’s Day on Thursday 8th March 2018 each week for the month of March we will be highlighting those traditional Male Dominated Careers where women are excelling!

This week Pitman Training Cork focus on Careers in Technology.

If research is correct, there is substantial growth coming from women who are interested in entering STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields as their preferred career path and there is nothing stopping them from choosing a career field that is thought to be male dominated. Many of these male dominated jobs pay excellent salaries and of course can most definitely be performed by either gender!

What is even better is that many jobs in this field can be performed after the successful completion of vocational training or certificate programmes.  Despite the numbers that show men are more likely to go into the IT field, experts suggest that women offer a new perspective on design problems and find different ways to approach problems.

What skills are needed for a career in Technology today?

While technical skills are a must for these positions, employers also want to hire employees who have strong people skills, including problem solving abilities and good communication skills.  Today’s IT workers must be able to work in a team environment and be willing to understand the overall goals of the company. Gone are the days where the IT person just fixed a computer problem and moved on. The IT staff is now an integral part of the company who is depended on when making corporate decisions.  Being knowledgeable about the business world and being comfortable in business situations will help increase your marketability.

Training and Career Prospects

While there are many training options available for a career in technology, getting a general qualification in IT training and finding a speciality is the best bet for most employees.  With Pitman Training Cork courses there are many different paths to consider and some of our most popular starting points are:

Pitman Training CompTIA A+

This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in PC Support.  Suitable for beginners looking to pursue a career in IT support for such roles as IT Support Technician, PC support, IT Helpdesk Engineer.

This A+ course is the core course of the IT Support Technician Diploma with CompTIA which combined with Communication Skills for IT Specialists and Project Management Fundamentals and a choice of two electives such as MTA Database Administration Fundamentals, MTA Networking Fundamentals, MTA Server Administration Fundamentals or MTA Security Fundamentals provides students with the opportunity to qualify in less than 3 months as a IT Support Technician.

Pitman Training CompTIA Network +

This Network + course will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to get a job as a network or system administrator. If you’re looking to become a network or system administrator then this is a great course to start you on your chosen career path.

In fact to take the best foot forward and look at qualifying in as little as 3 months as a Network Support Technician then the Pitman Training Network Support Technician Diploma is the ideal choice for you. The Network + course is a core course along with Communication Skills for IT Specialists, MTA Security Fundamentals and MTA Server Administration Fundamentals and a choice of an elective such as CompTIA Cloud Essentials, MTA Database Administration Fundamentals or Project Management Fundamentals amongst others.

Alternatively there are entry route training options to coding careers such as programming or software development through the Pitman Training Software Developer Diploma or the Pitman Training Programming Fundamentals Diploma. Perfect if you are looking for entry level development or a software testing role.

The good news is that once you secure a position in the IT field, you can expect regular pay rises and job security. Women who enter these fields earn substantially higher salaries compared with women in more traditional roles, albeit still less than their male counterparts but slowly and surely the issue with gender pay gaps is being addressed.

Next steps

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