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Summer has slipped away, without a doubt one of our best yet and the excitement of a fresh new season is upon us. The buzz of making new plans, re-evaluating old ones and focussing on the last few months of the year is most definitely one of our favourite times here in Pitman Training.

Autumn more than any other time of the year is a season of change and is the best time to prepare for changing jobs. So it’s a great time to review how to prepare for a job search, we’ve put together some key points below which we hope you find interesting.


1. Planning is everything - and what's more confidence comes with having a well thought out plan that you can put into action when you are ready to make that move. Planning will begin by going back to the drawing board and taking a long hard look at what your soft and hard skills are and where best your skillset may be used, be it working for yourself, transferring those existing skills to a new industry or retraining either in part or in full. A wise decision at this point is to talk to a career or life guidance counsellor to help you reach a shortlist of possible options.

2. Start researching what Skills and Training you need - the big question you need to ask yourself is will you need to retrain completely? If you are thinking of moving into a new area with a specific skill-set such as FinanceIT or Web Design then more than likely you will need to qualify in this area. Or you may need to brush up on some of those key industry standard skills employers look for such as Microsoft Office, Sage Accounts or Adobe for example.

3. Where can you upskill or retrain? - if you do need to retrain to get into your chosen area – there are a number of ways to do this. Could you study full-time by day, and if you need to, work part-time at night or the weekends or vice versa?  There are many flexible short training courses out there, so you will need to seek advice on where you can do the necessary courses and decide which method of training is best for you.

4. Rewrite your CV and LinkedIn - it is best start over with a blank page and use a short skills-based format which is what is more attractive to employers, don't go beyond 10 years work experience and it is most worthwhile getting a career advisor's professional opinion.

5. Network - speak to friends and former colleagues to find out about the new career you are interested in, try to get introductions to new contacts and you will possibly get to hear about roles not necessarily being advertised.


So if you are looking at changing careers, one of the best first steps you can take is to check out your local Pitman Training centre for advice on Wexford Jobs, Career, CV advice and if relevant also learn about the wide range of short & longer duration Courses, Diploma's and most importantly career options available.

With over 450 flexible, full and part-time training programmes in a wide range of areas from Legal & Medical Secretary courses, Bookkeeping courses, Management, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Accounting Technician, IT and Web & Graphic Design courses and many more – you’ll certainly have no trouble picking up a new career very soon!

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