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Is a Digital Marketing Career in Wexford for you?





Is a Digital Marketing Career in Wexford for you?

Digital marketing is a phrase that is becoming more and more popular, growing in tandem with the ‘tech boom’ that is happening throughout the world. You may have heard the news that digital marketing skills are in high demand and that the digital marketing profession is expanding, as some previously unheard-of roles, are being created.


The top 15 e-commerce companies in Ireland have hired 3,000 workers in the last 12 months alone. Now is a great time to get in the digital door, to upskill or start a new career entirely. Here are several advantages that digital marketing career offers:


Growing industry: From tech giants like Amazon to a 5-person start-up, marketing in a digital landscape is no longer an option; it is a requirement. As new avenues of communication open through apps, new ways to advertise and create branding appear. The digital world of marketing is evolving as businesses utilize the easy access to customers.


Salary and perks: The gap in the digital skills market translates to attractive pay rates and packages for new and experienced workers alike. Employers understand the value training a skilled worker can add.


Creative outlet: Digital marketing is a large and varied world, from social media management to content creation and email marketing, a creative flair is at the core of the industry. Imagination and vision are rewarded.


Dynamic work nature: A digital marketer is often required to wear many hats, this makes for an exciting work life, where no two days are the same. Fresh campaigns, products and strategies means there is always something new to learn, create or promote.


With that in mind, some questions to ask yourself are: Do I want to work in a growth industry? In a creative position with good pay and a varied work life?


Here at Pitman Training Wexford, we offer some of the most renowned marketing training and marketing courses in the country. Flexible training options are available in our centres or at home through distance learning. Take a look at some of the marketing Diplomas we have on offer:


Digital Marketing Diploma: Want a career in Digital Marketing? With an expanding range of channels available to market through, this diploma will help you gain a great understanding of some of the key specialisms of digital marketing.


Marketing Assistant Diploma: This Diploma has been developed to give you the skills you need to work in a specialist marketing or PR agency, in-house for a company with its own marketing department or take on marketing and PR responsibilities.




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