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Going for a new job in Waterford?


Going for a new job in Waterford? Read on for 6 ways to make your first impression a GREAT one!

It seems these days you have just ONE second to make it count!

So we’ve no doubt heard before that it takes just 7 seconds to make that first impression count. However it seems us humans are particular creatures and according to this study to make a lasting judgement upon meeting someone for the first time you actually have less than 1 second – in fact 1/10 of a second!

It’s not that scary though, we mostly just need to be authentic and genuine. Plus if you think about these few tips in advance of an interview or anywhere else for that matter where you are hoping to make a good first impression – it can be done with great ease.

1. Look smart apart from making a good impression, if you know you look good then you will feel good and more importantly you will give off positive energy. Check out this article on what to wear to an interview in 2018. Our advice would be to make sure you do a little dress rehearsal and get a 2nd There is nothing worse than wearing something you think you should but feeling uncomfortable.

2. Smile (a sincere one –imagine you are greeting a friend) firm handshake and make eye contact. Introduce yourself clearly – confirm their name back as you introduce yourself “Nice to meet you, John”. It makes for a nice touch when saying goodbye later that you have remembered their name or names if meeting more than one person. Follow the same steps upon exiting the interview, firm handshake, maintain eye contact and smile and say their name as you say goodbye.

3. Sit down only when invited to at the start where they most likely will set the context of the meeting or interview and listen more and talk less. Your opportunity to speak will come shortly and when it does, make sure to speak clearly. When they speak, make sure to lean in and listen, two-way is the only communication way.

4. Praise the company thoroughly research the company and role in advance and then where appropriate you can add in compliments about any positive product, service or company news story you have read, this really helps to establish trust along with making a good impression.

5. Focus your full attention – don’t fidget, put your phone away, don’t glance at your laptop or notes. You can never fully connect with people otherwise. Keep your hands in your lap or sit on them if you think it will help!

6. Use positive language such as accomplished, coordinated, effective, efficient, on time, responsible, solution, prepared, practical. Again a second opinion is great for practicing your words and answers, especially in terms of a mock interview.

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