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Are you considering a career in Marketing in Laois?




Are you considering a career in Marketing in Laois?


Marketing is an exciting career path. Marketers identify new markets, get to appeal to the needs of customers, and are also involved in breaking into new markets. However, when considering a career in marketing, it is essential to note that marketing is a broad career.

Every organisation needs a marketer, especially one that is skilled. Marketers play some important roles in an organisation. Some of which includes:

  • Advertising: The sales and marketing departments of organisations are responsible for the advertising of products. In advertising products and services to a target audience, marketers apply skills in identifying the most appropriate means of engagement. Thus, as a marketer, you will be applying your creativity a lot. 
  • Promotions: As a marketer, your job description would also include promoting products and service. Although product promotions seem like advertising, they differ in so many ways. While advertising may be aimed at a wider audience, promotions are more specific and aimed at a specific audience.
  • Public relations: Marketers are the faces and voices of organisations. The sales and marketing team engages customers directly to create a positive image for the organization. 



Due to the various roles, marketers perform in every organisation; people seeking to develop a career in marketing must undergo rigorous training to upskill. Marketing courses available at Pitman Training Laois are designed to prepare enthusiasts for a career in marketing. Pitman Training Laois offer a Digital Marketing Diploma and Marketing Assistant Diploma.

These courses are tailored to equip you with the skills needed to deliver as a marketer. For more information on our wide range of courses in Laois call one of our friendly tutors on 057 868 0559,SMS/WhatsApp 087 642 9664 or email [email protected]



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