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Why Microsoft Office Skills Are Important For Job-Seekers

It stands to reason that having a good grip of the major applications of Microsoft Office will put you in good stead when it comes to securing employment.


The Importance of Having a Routine When Studying

A great routine is the key to being successful when taking an adult education course.


Reboot your career with Pitman Training’s IT support courses

At Pitman Training, we offer a range of courses to help students of all abilities get their foot in the door and get to grips with the fast-paced and rewarding world of IT support.


The impact of physical attendance in a training centre

At Pitman Training, studying in one of our training centres is perfect for helping students utilise all areas of learning.


A day in the life of an Office Manager in Waterford

Office managers are a critical part of organisations because they are responsible for the smooth running of all activities within the firm.


Are you Ready for your Role in Management in Clare?

Managerial roles in any organisation are associated with higher responsibility.


How To Go From ‘Busy’ to ‘Productive’ - A Quick Guide

Looking to accomplish more tasks in less time and evolve your workflow? Check our guide on going from ‘busy’ to 'productive.’


Are you Considering a Career in Finance in Carlow Kilkenny?

Pitman Training Carlow Kilkenny offer a flexible training arrangement across a range of courses.


Become an IT Technician in Wexford

Considered to be a highly underemployed industry with excellent entry level packages.


Are you Considering a Career in Digital Marketing in Cork?

Digital marketing has become more and more popular, growing in tandem with the tech boom that is happening throughout the world. Digital marketing skills are in high demand in marketing worldwide and the digital marketing profession is expanding, creating new and exciting roles. Covid has shifted business to move online making digital marketing a priority to help small or big businesses grow.


Are you ready for your role in Marketing in Kerry?

When considering a career in marketing, its essential to note that marketing is a broad career.



If you are interested in pursing a career as an accountant, Pitman Training Laois offer training in a wide range of Accounting courses.

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