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5 Top Tips to improve your Career Confidence!




5 Top Tips you can start using today to improve your Career Confidence.


Is career confidence on your mind as you job hunt in Wexford these days? Low self-esteem, impostor syndrome or lost confidence are feelings that many of our students have when they first walk through our doors to meet with us.

They can hit for a number of reasons, such as an extended career break due to illness, or raising a family or having come through redundancy and you are now facing the prospect of re-training for a new career. However, reaching those life achievements and career goals need not be as daunting as you think. Quite simply it could just be a matter of teaching yourself some strong willpower and self-control. 

Read on for our 5 top tips to help you get back on the track to success.

  1. Attitude Adjustment - as the saying goes you are responsible for your own happiness and so too for understanding that you are responsible for your own actions and their consequences. This really is the first step towards self discipline and control. You can make your feelings or a situation positive or negative depending on your energy or stress levels. Seize the opportunity to learn about adjusting your attitude and reap the benefits it brings.
  2. Set a Goal - one of the worlds leading and influential psychologists, Roy F. Baumeister advises on how to focus our strength, resist temptation, and redirect our lives. One of his key nuggets of information is to be realistic when setting goals. For most of us, though, the problem is not a lack of goals but rather too many of them. Roy F. Baumeister, Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength. Set small achievable goals that can be reached in a reasonable period of time and describe all the steps needed to get there.
  3. Journal - to monitor your progress think about keeping a daily record or a log of your efforts towards your overall goal. At the end of the week, this will help you identify any patterns of behaviour which may need to be corrected or amplified depending on the result. You could simply do this by pen, or creating a spreadsheet or word document.
  4. Prepare - if you feel you are regularly distracted by a number of outside influences or external factors. Write them down and decide on the best way to work around them, so for example if it means breaking down the task at hand into smaller sub-tasks that need to be done in advance of the overall task then plan these out and tick them off as you go along.
  5. Keep Motivated - so how do you keep faith when they falter? You could have a chat with a career advisor or career coach for some fresh perspective to remind you of your progress so far and how to keep your focus in check. Seek out a professional from a well recognised body or organisation or a mentor from the industry you are looking at. Family and friends mean well a lot of the time when asked for their advice but a professional will steer you in the right direction and keep you on course.


For further reading check out some of the most popular career books a recommended by our Wexford training centre Course Advisors.


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