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4 Key Soft Skills Project Managers Need!






Aside from the technical skills that all good project managers must have in their toolkit such as Project Management Software (e.g Project, Powerpoint, Slack), Time ManagementRisk & Budget Assessment and professional certifications that matter there are a number of soft skills that are crucial to the success of these roles.


  1. Communication – Good business communication skills are essential in most roles however the ability to communicate and manage information within an organisation rather than personal communication techniques and where you liaise with various other departments, team members and clients is what will set you apart.
  2. Negotiation and conflict resolution skills will arise in most project-based scenarios and your ability to apply an appropriate framework (such as SWOT or risk-reward) to arrive at a best-case scenario for all parties involved is a critical and valuable skill to bring to the table.
  3. Team Management /Leadership – to enable, motivate and inspire a team to meet the project deliverables and provide ongoing team development demonstrating commitment, expertise, confidence and the ability to problem solves and help everyone achieve their goals.
  4. Critical Thinking - Assessing issues from different vantage points and the ability to formulate the best solution in addressing specific challenges and where you can think on your feet is one that will carry you to the top of your career game.


One thing is sure a combination of skills will make you the right person to lead a project to success. If you would like to read more about the role of a project manager click here.

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