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Tina Roberts' Journey: “Excel” Careers with Pitman Training

Tina Roberts' “Excel” Careers with Pitman TrainingTina Roberts, an experienced administrative supervisor, embarked on a journey to enhance her Excel skills with Pitman Training. Her motivation was clear—to excel in Excel. Guided by Pitman's reputation for quality education and brand value, and influenced by Pitman Training’s expert Course Advisor André Bedlow, Tina chose the Excel course that aligned her training with her current work requirements.

Reflecting on her experience, Tina described, "The learning experience was excellent," and what stood out most for Tina during her journey was the Pitman Training team. "Support from the team at every step," made her learning journey even more enriching. As she navigated the course, she found herself benefitting greatly from access to a Learning Coach, a resource she deemed invaluable.

Tina's training not only bolstered her career but also improved her daily work tasks, making her more efficient and confident in her role. "Yes, it is helping me in my everyday office work. Making me more efficient," Tina stated.

Confident in her newly acquired skills, Tina wholeheartedly recommended Pitman Training, affirming its value in professional development. "Yes, I will recommend Pitman Training to my colleagues," Tina affirmed, underlining the program's positive impact. Tina's success story exemplifies the real benefits of upskilling with Pitman Training, and how our support helped her achieve her goals!

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