Richard McEvoy, CompTIA A+ course

Richard McEvoy, CompTIA A+ course

Course Category IT Courses (incl. A+)

Richard McEvoy has spent most of his career working at various US, British and European banks and investment firms. However, he embarked on Pitman Training’s CompTIA A+ course to expand his existing skillset and knowledge outside the scope of financial services. Gaining the CompTIA A+ qualification is essential for anyone looking to pursue a career in IT support for roles such as IT Support Technician, PC Support or IT Helpdesk Engineer.

“When I started with Pitman it was never to change careers. I simply wanted to work in a different field but within the same sector. Pitman provided me with the perfect platform to step out of my comfort zone.

“The learning experience was really enjoyable and I found the staff at the training centre very helpful. My learning coach offered me guidance whenever I was unsure of what to do. By having access to a learning coach you start out on the right path for development and further education.

“Being awarded my certificate in CompTIA A+ has boosted my confidence and belief in my ability to learn a new subject. My advice for anyone looking to take a course with Pitman is to do something you’ll enjoy. This makes the process easier and could lead to a new career path or upskilling in an existing one. Remember, learning is a continuous cycle. You’re never too old!”

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