Pitman Training got me the first job I applied for

Evelyn - After a 20 year career break, studying with Pitman Training got me the first job I applied for

Evelyn is a student studying for an Administration Assistant Diploma at Pitman Training Dublin.

20 years ago Pitman Training Dublin started delivering career focused courses and at the same time Evelyn decided to take a career break from her job in a financial organisation. A lot has changed in that time but what has been consistent is Pitman Training’s ability to help. During those 20 years 1000’s of people like Evelyn have found employment, changed career and improved their skills with the help of Pitman Training.

The amazing thing is that Evelyn was only half way through her Admin Assistant Diploma course when she noticed the job posted online and decided to give it a go. The employers were delighted with how much knowledge she had about the role and decided she was a perfect match for this position. Evelyn reflects on her Pitman experience so far; “Returning to work after such a long break was daunting. Pitman Training attracted me because of the flexibility of the courses. I gained confidence once I sat and passed the first few exams. I had not planned to job hunt until I completed the course but this position is exactly what I wanted and I had the confidence to go and get it”.

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