Pitman Training gives student the confidence to transition into new career

Pitman Training gives student the confidence to transition into new career

At Pitman Training, we are passionate about empowering students to achieve their career aspirations through flexible and personalised learning solutions. Despite Melinda Bodor having a degree in Human Resources from a Hungarian university, she decided she needed a UK qualification to help her change careers and achieve a better work-life balance. After choosing to train with Pitman Training, she embarked on several courses to help transform her career. 

“Before moving to the UK, I worked as a secretary in Hungary. However, when I moved here, it became apparent that I’d need a UK qualification to get a similar kind of job,” said Melinda. “I eventually found work as a barista, but after doing that for a few years I decided I needed to find a job that could offer me more structure and balance; plus, I was tired of the unpredictability of shift working. After some research, I quickly discovered there was a Pitman Training centre practically on my doorstep. 

“After getting in touch with the team at Pitman and meeting them to discuss my options, I was convinced they would be my perfect training partner and wanted to do as many courses as possible. They talked me through where each course could take me. And with all the courses they have on offer, it became clear that the opportunities were endless. In the end, I decided to take three courses - Effective Business Communication, Project Management, and HR Essentials - to help me achieve my goal.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the training and support I received at Pitman Training. As someone who was looking to upskill and advance my career prospects, I found their tailored training programmes and flexible learning options to be exactly what I needed. I completed the courses in just three months and found them to be a highly effective way to gain the confidence and skills necessary to succeed. I loved the fact I had the option of training where I felt most comfortable. However, I found studying in the centre was more conducive to my learning style, and I received regular personal support from the team there, which helped me stay motivated.”

At Pitman Training, to ensure our students have the best chance of success, we provide access to flexible learning, allowing students to fit their training around their work and home lives. We also offer students access to a learning coach for extra help and motivation if they need it. It does not matter if you choose to learn inside the centre or from the comfort of your home; your learning coach will be on hand to help you whenever you need it.

“I’d probably say that my favourite part of the course was the personalised support from my learning coach. They offered everything from guidance on choosing the right course to helping me with job applications and interview preparation. The whole setup in the centre was professional and well structured. My learning coaches were knowledgeable, approachable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my success. 

“After completing the three courses, my confidence had definitely improved. I started applying for jobs and again, Pitman went the extra mile by sending me job advertisements from local businesses and arranging a number of interviews for me. Eventually, I landed an assistant studio job and, thanks to my time with Pitman Training, I had the confidence and skills necessary to transition into my new role easily. 

“I highly recommend Pitman Training to anyone looking to enhance their career prospects and achieve their full potential. Taking the first step can be scary, but it’s also the most important step towards achieving your goals. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, work through the discomfort, and start something new.”

Pitman Training offers an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to enhance their career prospects and achieve their full potential. With access to flexible learning, personalized support from experienced learning coaches, and the latest technology, Pitman Training provides an ideal learning environment that fits around your busy lifestyle. Courses at Pitman Training also help build confidence and develop new skills that can lead to better job prospects and career success. If you're interested in taking the first step towards achieving your goals, don't hesitate to contact your local training center and find out more.

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