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Niamh Lynch – Bursary Winner enhancing skills with Pitman Training Limerick

A Pitman Medical Secretarial Training Diploma was the best opportunity for me to gain the confidence and skills I really needed to believe in myself"

As a newly separated mum with two young children the time had come for me to educate myself for the benefit of my family. Financial circumstances had put this dream on hold until I entered and won a Pitman Training Bursary and for that chance I will be forever grateful and truly thankful.

The Bursary became my golden ticket, my chance to walk through those Pitman doors to be proud and to make something of myself. I was now going to be more than a mum. I now could be a highly skilled potential employee who stands out from the crowd because I have something the rest don’t have. I have a Medical Secretarial Diploma qualification from Pitman Training.

I can walk forward holding my head high with my Diploma gained through hard work and dedication. Nurtured with excellent guidance and tuition from Denise in the Limerick Pitman Training Team. This Diploma secures my families future and I am honoured to have studied with Pitman as they have given me the skill to make my dreams come through. Pitman is for me a name of Pride and passion bringing out the best in people and changing lives of ordinary people just like me forever.

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