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Mary Nash – Returning to education with support from Pitman Training Limerick

I would highly recommend anyone to try Pitman Training as a fantastic medium of returning to education at any age.

At the age of 47 I found myself redundant and felt even though I had years of experience I had no official qualifications. So after a lot of research I made a really good decision to try Pitman Training.

After talking with my tutor Denise we decided that the Advanced Accounts Diploma would best suit my needs. I found the quiet atmosphere with no distraction a great way to learn also the fact that I was able to learn at my own pace was a brilliant bonus.

At my stage in life trying to return to education, the biggest deterrent to me would have been a large class of much younger students that I would have compared myself to this would have shattered my confidence.

My tutor Denise (who I would like to thank sincerely) was a great source of support and was fantastic at explaining anything I was having a problem with, she made my return to education easy.

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