Lynsey McKie: Enhancing SFHA's Growth | Pitman Training

Lynsey McKie: Enhancing SFHA's Growth through Pitman Training

Lynsey McKie: Enhancing SFHA's Growth with Pitman Training

Lynsey McKie, a dedicated Business Support Coordinator at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), took advantage of Pitman Training's corporate courses to enhance her professional skills and contribute to her company's growth.

Based in Glasgow, SFHA primarily collaborated with Pitman Training's Glasgow office. Lynsey engaged in the Minute Taking and Train the Trainer courses, each chosen for specific and practical reasons. "When I started working with SFHA, my role involved lots of minute taking but without training, I struggled to know whether I was doing a good job. The training allowed me to gain confidence in my job and gave me the skills I lacked. Train the Trainer was useful after a recent promotion where I found myself training colleagues for the first time. The skills I picked up from this course allowed me to confidently tackle my new role."

Lynsey's role at SFHA demanded strong organisational and communication skills, and she sought to upskill herself and her team to better serve SFHA's goals. Pitman Training proved to be the ideal choice for her team's development needs. "I used Pitman Training's Train the Trainer and Minute Taking courses for staff development," Lynsey explained. "We have used Pitman in the past and were really impressed with the service we received and the course was enjoyable to the trainees."

Lynsey's motivation to upskill her team stemmed from a desire to see her colleagues thrive. "We want to encourage staff to be the best version of themselves and to continue personal development throughout their careers with SFHA." The training had a significant impact on both Lynsey's individual growth and her team's performance. "Pitman has helped us develop staff in areas that benefit their roles. The flexibility of the training was beneficial to staff learning around their roles which was valuable."

Reflecting on her learning experience, Lynsey was appreciative of the communication and support she received from Pitman Training's team. "The communication before and after the course was great. The tutors were very knowledgeable and wouldn't hesitate choosing another course in the future." The impact of the training on SFHA's business goals was evident. "It helped with our own personal development plans as well as our team goals," Lynsey confirmed.

Lynsey's advice to other professionals looking to upskill their teams is straightforward: "I would say to just do it as we have seen an improvement in staff morale as they feel more valued, staff are able to share their new skills and the company benefits from their employees being the best they can be."

Lynsey McKie's journey with Pitman Training stands as a testament to the positive outcomes that can be achieved when an organisation invests in the growth and development of its employees. Through Pitman Training, Lynsey and SFHA have embraced a path of continuous improvement, leading to enhanced skills, increased job satisfaction, and improved business performance.

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