Galina Perry - from Care Assistant to successful Entrepreneur

Galina Perry - from Care Assistant to successful Entrepreneur

Course completed: Accounting Technician Diploma

Job secured: Entrepreneur

Galina moved to Ipswich from the Ukraine in 1994. She was working as a carer but wanted to do something different and needed to develop her skills. Fortunately a friend recommended Pitman Training, where she met Rose, who runs the training centre. After discussing her ambitions with Rose, Galina decided on a Pitman Training Accounting Technician Diploma. Because Galina was keen to complete her course, she visited the Pitman Training Centre every day. As a businesswoman herself, Rose recognised similar ambitions in Galina. So whilst Galina’s original plan had been to find an accounts role, she started to believe she could fulfil her entrepreneurial ambitions. When the opportunity arose to buy into a small corner shop, specialising in Eastern European produce, Galina grabbed it. Now, almost three years later, Galina has expanded her business and runs an internet café alongside the food store. She is still in touch with Rose, who provided her with so much support and has now established a great reputation amongst both the Eastern European community and local people in Suffolk.

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