Francesca Bashall | jobseeker to Editorial Assistant | Pitman Training

Francesca Bashall - from Graduate jobseeker to Editorial Assistant in publishing

Course completed: Executive PA Diploma

Job secured: Editorial Assistant in publishing company

“I decided to do a Pitman Training course to gain really solid practical skills and to help myself stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. I chose the Executive PA Diploma because it offers the widest selection of courses. As well as mastering MSOffice, I was able to learn about software like Dreamweaver and get to grips with basic HTML. It’s a great bonus to feel confident with these programmes when so many jobs nowadays need employees to have web skills. When it came to applying for jobs, as well as my degree I had excellent office skills to offer, and I got a job at a publishing company in London. This year, with more students than ever graduating, I would consider a Pitman Training Diploma an essential investment for any graduate.”

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