Emma Hutcheson - from supermarket to Medical Secretary

Emma Hutcheson - from supermarket to Medical Secretary

Job secured: Medical Secretary

“I came to Pitman Training Centre in Colchester because I felt my life had hit rock bottom.  I had just split up from my boyfriend of three and a half years, had a job in a supermarket, which I was not enjoying and needed to do something about. I enrolled at Pitman. I believe it was the best investment I have ever made.  After doing the course for a while it gave me the confidence to look for a new job in the medical field.  I registered with a recruitment agency to find me a job.  Within two weeks of registering they had found me a job in the hospital as a Ward Clerk and I love it.  The course has also given me what I feel to be a new start in life; I’m more socially confident and have made a lot of new friends.  I began believing in myself again. I would also like to say that learning new skills was the easiest part of it. I wish I had done it years ago. I found that the Pitman method was excellent and especially because I was able to fit it around my job and other commitments.”

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