Archi Mohapatra, Office Skills Diploma

Archi Mohapatra, Office Skills Diploma

After eight years working in HR and recruitment, Archi Mohapatra already had a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs. However, she felt she still had more to learn. So, to improve her efficiency at work, she embarked on Pitman Training’s Office Skills Diploma.

“I chose Pitman as my training provider because the courses are really informative and cover a range of programs that I use every day. The Office Skills Diploma is very user friendly, and I liked that I could revisit things whenever I needed to. I’m a fan of repetitive practice to ingrain information, so that was great. I also enjoyed the mock tests and validation tests because they helped me develop skills in the right way.

“I had fantastic support throughout my time with Pitman. One of the team was always on hand to guide me through the process. Pitman has undoubtedly helped me improve my confidence. Now, I can professionally present my documents and feel much better about my abilities and competencies.

“I should have taken this course a long time ago, so if anyone is interested in taking an adult education course with Pitman, do it now.”

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