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Ailis McGillicuddy’s Success with Pitman Training's Medical Secretary Diploma

Ailis McGillicuddy, Medical Secretary Diploma with Pitman TrainingAilis McGillicuddy, a determined learner with a penchant for self-improvement, embarked on her educational journey to success with Pitman Training’s Medical Secretary Diploma. Ailis's motivation for upskilling was self-evident, as she candidly stated, "I'm a mom of two and I started [Pitman Training] while pregnant with my second baby. I chose Pitman Training to enhance my skills." Ailis's positive learning experience and appreciation for the Pitman Training team's support at are evident, with her noting, "The learning experience was very good, and the team at Pitman Training were very helpful."

Pitman Training does its absolute best when helping our students transition back to study with training to suit your lifestyle and a skilled, attentive staff. Ailis confirms, “It was scary at first, but the girls made everything run so easy and they were always there to help out with anything big or small. Learning at home and in the centre was manageable, fun, and flexible. The course works around your life if needs be, and this is what I needed.”

Ailis highlights the benefits of having access to a Learning Coach, affirming its value with a resounding "Yes, absolutely."Furthermore, she acknowledges the positive impact of her training on her career, life, and confidence, stating, "Yes, it will help in the future, as I learned many new skills." While Ailis didn't share specific advice for fellow learners, her journey stands as a testament to the value of continuous learning and self-improvement.

Ailis's enthusiastically recommends the Pitman Training, Kerry Centre, saying, "I would highly recommend the Medical Secretary Diploma and Kerry centre to anyone looking to upskill or try something new and different. I would highly recommend Pitman Training Kerry in the future."

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