Ade - from Call Centre Manager to Book-keeper

Ade - from Call Centre Manager to Book-keeper

Course completed: Accounting Technician Diploma

Job secured: Book-keeper

Ade had always been ambitious and graduated with a BSc in Economics, so when he joined a TV station as a customer service agent in their call centre, he quickly made his way through the ranks to become a call centre manager. But before long, he got the feeling that he was treading water, that he had gone as far as he could go.

That's when his sister suggested he should retrain for a better career while he was still working. "I'd always been interested in figures and a book-keeping course appealed. It seemed that there was no limit to what you could achieve in that profession," Ade says. "At Pitman Training, they tested my capability and they recommended I studied for the Pitman Training Accounting Technician Diploma. They were so positive and supportive and I knew they were right," Ade affirms. The great news is that Ade landed a new job as a book-keeper, before he even finished his diploma! The starting salary is already higher than his previous job and he has much better prospects.

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