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Microsoft Project Complete - Seminar

This seminar gives you an introduction in how to utilise Microsoft Project to create, implement, manage and complete a project of any size. You'll learn simple tips and tasks that can streamline your project management time. This seminar is run over the course of two days and is led by a tutor. 


This is a two-day, tutor-led seminar that is designed to introduce you to the Microsoft Project program and give you a good basic working knowledge of this unique program.

It is designed for people with a knowledge of Windows who need an introduction to Microsoft Project, to schedule and track tasks.

The seminar covers a range of topics including;

  • A basic introduction to the Microsoft Project programme
  • How to create a project 
  • How to manage tasks in a project plan
  • Working effectively within time constraints 
  • Adding and assigning resources
  • Finalising a project plan
  • Exchanging Project plan data with other applications
  • Updating the project plan
  • Managing projects
  • Creating visual reports
  • How to reuse project plan information
  • Creating a Master Project
  • and more...

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