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Customer Care

This one-day seminar is perfect for anyone who feels they or their staff need to obtain a greater understanding of the importance of providing exceptional customer care. During the seminar you will learn more about what customers expect and how best to handle customers if they are dissatisfied with the service they receive.



This is a one-day tutor-led workshop designed for individuals or businesses that want to develop processes and teamwork to enhance the key relationship between staff and customers. 

Covering all the key areas involved in customer service, you'll be asked to consider the essential aspects of 'Customer Service' and about the skills required for its effective delivery. 

During the workshop you'll work on theoretical situations, carry out skills building exercises and discuss all the key customer service aspects. 

Once you've completed the seminar you will be more aware of who your customers are and what they really want, therefore enabling you to handle different situations confidently and expertly.

You will be given a workbook with exercises and individual notes to ensure that the skills learnt on this course will be successfully applied and the knowledge consolidated.

Topics covered include:

  • Who are your customers?
    • What do your customers want?
    • How to make customer care exceptional
  • Manage customer expectations
    • How good is good enough?
    • Building a positive environment
  • It's in the detail - things to think about
    • Active listening is better listening
    • Handling complaints
    • Dealing with customer emotions
    • Keeping calm and calming the upset customer
    • Phrases likely to upset
    • Getting the problem solved
    • How to make improvements.

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