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Top 10 Tips for Home Learning Success

We’ve put together 10 handy tips to help maximise your chance of home study success.

If you’re thinking of studying our training courses online or via our Distance Learning system, you’re choosing a flexible and convenient way of progressing yourself and your career. 

There are many obvious benefits to studying from home, but it’s also important to bear in mind that studying from home takes a fair amount of self-motivation and dedication. 

We’ve put together 10 handy tips to help maximise your chance of home study success. 

1. Get Organised – Before starting your study session, make sure you’ve got all the books login details and stationery you might need before you get going. Start calm, study calm!

2. Plan ahead – Each week create a schedule which sets out specific and realistic study times. By putting set study sessions into your diary you will feel more inclined to stick to the routine and it will become second nature. 

3. Avoid study overload! – When setting your study schedule, ensure you set yourself a realistic target of what you want to achieve in each session. Don’t make the sessions too long, and try not to go too overboard as you might end up zoning out and missing vital points in your course. 

4. Get in the zone – This is a key aspect of home learning. Find a quiet, dedicated room or space to do your studies and remove or switch off anything which may cause a distraction. That means no sneaky facebook checking on your mobile and the TV off!

5. Support Network – Have someone on hand to offer encouragement when you feel you need a boost.  All of our elearning courses at Pitman Training come with friendly advice and support from a local Course Advisor – use them! Check in every now and then with them to let them know your progress. If you’re struggling with a particular section, take a break, give someone a call and they may be able to help you work through it. 

6. Be kind to yourself – As much as you’re trying to implement a schedule for your studies, it doesn’t need to be set in stone. If you miss a session, don’t panic or beat yourself up about it, simply start again on your next scheduled session and pick up from there. 

7. Blended Learning – if you find you’re really struggling to study online under your own steam, and you’re near a Pitman Training centre, speak to your Course Advisor about going for more of a blended learning option. This means you can combine some study sessions at home with sessions in the training centre, which may help you focus more clearly. 

8. Reward yourself – you’re working hard and putting a lot of effort into improving yourself and your career and we think it’s only right that you reward yourself. Plan in a little treat for yourself for each exam passed!

9. Rest! – combining studies with a hectic work and home life can be hard work. If you feel like you’re getting a bit bogged down by the juggling act, give yourself a break or make your study sessions a little bit shorter. 

10. What’s the end result? – throughout it all, the best thing to do is keep focussed on the end goal. At the end of the all your hard work, you’re hopefully going to have a fantastic new qualification to be able to showcase on your CV!


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