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Top Tips For Upskilling In Kerry



Whether you are looking to climb the career ladder at your current company, or are on the hunt for a new challenge, “upskilling” may hold the key to success. Learning new skills throughout your professional life is now seen as essential to career progression, but what is the best way to start? And what new skills are right for you and your career path?

Thankfully, there are lots of opportunities for upskilling either in an informal or formal setting. From night courses and part-time Diplomas to taking more responsibility in your current position, or even learning a new language, there are lots of options available. Because of this, it’s worth taking the time to figure out which options are best for you first.

Start by finding out what skills you want or need

Of course, learning Italian or Japanese may always have been an ambition, but will it have any practical effect on your career progression or job opportunities? A good way of assessing which skills would benefit you is to look at current openings in roles you are interested in, and checking the responsibilities, duties or skills required for the role.

You may need leadership skills for your dream role, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to develop these skills in the workplace. If you have a gap in your CV for the job you want, upskilling can fill that gap.

Nurture your soft skills

You may find opportunities for upskilling in your current role, by simply showing initiative and accepting additional responsibilities. Are there projects that you can manage or contribute to, that will see you build your project management or collaborative skills? Or perhaps you can gain some experience dealing with customers more than you currently do? 

You can also speak to your employer about skills gaps you may have, and if there are opportunities to work on those skills with certain tasks or responsibilities in your current role.

Outside of work, why not volunteer with a local charity or sports club to gain experience in certain areas?

Mentoring and networking

Another great way of learning and developing new skills is by finding a mentor in a similar role to what you are after. Displaying a genuine interest in their role and how they got there is a great way of building a solid professional relationship.

Once that is established, you can further clarify what skills you still need to develop, and get lots of insight into the role.

Likewise, you can find training opportunities by networking and engaging in cross-training with colleagues and peers.

Seminars and podcasts

Learn from the experts by engaging with seminars, webinars and podcasts in your chosen field. Whatever the subject, you can guarantee there will be a selection of podcasts covering the topic in detail, from Microsoft Excel to web design.

Find one that works for you, and you’ll be amazed by how many tips and tricks you’ll pick up along the way. Seminars are also another great way of networking and building relationships with prospective employers in your field.

Training and courses

Courses & Diplomas can give you the opportunity to gain new hard and soft skills, from IT & Tech courses to Management & Leadership Diplomas. Practical and career-focused courses can help you upskill for particular roles and give you the skills and experience you need for your chosen career path.

A short course may give you what you need, but there are also lots of Certificates and Accredited Diplomas that will make your CV stand out, and more importantly help you to gain the skills you will need.

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