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Time for a job change? There could be a new career in Cork just around the corner!



Are you having a tough time at work? Do you just not want to be there anymore? Are you thinking about leaving your job, but not sure if you should? It might be time to consider whether you need a new job and it’s time to move on.


Top signs that you might need to think about a move

  • You can’t stop thinking about a new career or a new job
  • Your conversations with family and friends become dominated by complaints about your work day
  • You find yourself dreaming about retirement
  • Your sleep patterns have been disrupted
  • You have developed headaches, frequent colds or other signs of physical stress
  • You dread Mondays, or have trouble waking up for work in the morning
  • You are less productive at work, lack passion and are often bored


So what to do next?

If you’ve made the decision to move on, don’t just leave your job. In most cases you can carefully start looking ahead to a new position before you hand in your notice. It’s always easier to find a job while still in employment and you also don’t know how long it will take you to find one worth moving for. To get started you will first need to prepare yourself by updating your CV and assessing your current skills.


Update your CV

Getting started you will need to prepare yourself and your CV for the job search ahead. First off you will need to update your CV and secondly it is advisable to learn a new skill so that you have fresh qualifications to take with you on your new job search.

Think about the requirements of your ideal job and include CV keywords. If you are unsure look at online job listings or speak to people who work in the areas you are thinking of. You can then include these keywords into your CV that reference the job requirements, including your skills and qualifications and previous employers.

Typically you would not need to include more experience than the past 10-15 years at most. Similarly you would not need to include the years you attended secondary school if you graduated from college.

It’s an out with the old and in with the new, so be sure to add any new professional information, a new job, new skills. Think outside the box especially if you feel it is a bit sparse on detail. Have you performed any volunteer work recently that relates to your ideal job? Were you given any new responsibilities in your current role that could be added?

Overall it is worth updating your CV regularly, so whenever you achieve something new at work or begin a new course you can add it as you go.

This is a time when it is ideal to refresh your skills

Having updated your CV you will see quickly where your skills gaps may lie and where you may need to refresh and bring some of your skills back up to date. The easiest way to do this is to research and enrol on flexible learning course where you can train at a time to suit you, times that fit around your current lifestyle and commitments or via distance learning from home or work.

Pitman Training have been helping people train for new jobs and careers in Cork since 2008 and have one of the best training to employment ratios with over 87% of students working in new and better careers within 6 months of graduating.  A range of professional short and longer duration courses and diploma’s and career based services are provided such as Secretarial, Administration and Accounting Courses & Bookkeeping courses, Career Development ,Time Management, Social Media and Communications courses or Management courses, Technical training and Web Design. In fact with over 450 courses available at our Cork training centre there really is something to suit everyone.

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