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Thinking of a new job or career in Cork?


Thinking of switching to a completely new Job or Career in Cork?

Changing jobs is one thing, but jumping into a brand new area is another kettle of fish altogether! Read on for 5 Tips on how to make that career change successful.

  1. Money switching careers often means taking a pay cut while you work your way back up. It is worthwhile thinking this through and taking the time to put aside some savings if even for a short time and look at a change to your lifestyle. It might just be needed to bridge the gap, while you adjust to a different salary. The long term goal will be your focus, so the hardship at the beginning should be only just that, remember the reasons you are making the change and this will help you through it.
  2. It is more common than you think certainly it is no longer the norm nor expected for people to stay in the same industry let alone the same role all their working life. Chat to people who you know made a significant change or switch in their career and learn about how they handled it.
  3. Going back to education prematurely some new career choices require another qualification or degree but most don’t! Instead upskill on the side while still in your existing job and don’t quit until you have your brand new one lined up. It is still always better to find a new job while employed. For a range of short flexible training courses that you can consider check out this blogpost or alternatively check out this unique and flexible training programme that can be tailored for most disciplines to help you upskill quickly.
  4. Adjust your CV to reflect your career change and any transferrable skills from the old one. Check out some skillsets on cork jobs and recruitment websites on your preferred new job description, note which ones you have that are transferrable and make sure they stand out on your CV and LinkedIn page.
  5. Research the jobs market in the field you would like to move into so that you are 100% committed to your decision once made. For an interesting read on the some well-paid career changer areas worth considering click here. It is worthwhile networking a little in the field you would like to move into, expanding your contacts is always a good idea, but to hear the real working stories of your new industry will be invaluable.

So if you are embarking on a career changing and job search mission be sure to check in with our course advisors in Pitman Training Cork who are on hand to help you with advice on Cork Jobs, Careers Advice, CV & Interview or training course advice.


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