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Taking Control of your Career by Dissecting It


Do you find that, despite the constant demands and intensity of your role, there is sometimes little consideration for the training which is needed to support and enhance you with what you are tasked to carry out?

This may be a question which has been burning for quite some time now and we’d encourage you to make 2015 the year you address any issues regarding this, which maybe niggling away.  

Lifelong learning and CPD is essential for all professionals in any sector of industry. It’s difficult to imagine an IT specialist progressing in their career without any training on IT software developments or modifications, or a Financial administrator not being trained on new systems or financial policies, so no matter what sector of industry you are in, the bottom line is we all need training to enhance and progress in our careers, and remain knowledgeable and up to date in our field.

Think about, or jot down the tasks and projects you have been responsible for in the last month or so. It will soon become clear that you may be functioning and undertaking tasks in certain areas of industry which demand specialist training and qualifications from the other professionals who operate in them on a full-time basis. You could be carrying out the tasks of a marketing executive, events co-ordinator, project manager and HR officer within your role, alongside your day to day tasks and the responsibilities which are actually in your job description. It’s absurd to have all of this expected from you with limited or no training.

It really is time to put your career under the microscope and dissect it in order to find the areas in which you require more; whether that be requesting training from your manager to make you more efficient and capable, or a discussing the possibility of a promotion or change of job title to truly reflect and acknowledge you for the work you actually carry out.

Your career is yours and no-one else’s, above all you are tasked with the responsibility of looking after it and nourishing it to be the best it possibly can be, therefore you must understand its components and take control. Seek advice from a careers advisor, friend or family member, or even your manager, to help you figure out where you’re currently at in your career, where you want to be, and how you can realistically get there. One of our local course advisors can also provide advice on what your next career step could be, or what training could help you develop or enhance the skills you have, to become more efficient and capable in your current role.

As daunting as the prospect of dissecting your career and taking action may be, instead think about how daunting it will be years down the line when you look back and start to have regrets about the actions you failed to take, and what the career consequences may be as a result – still in exactly the same role, missed opportunities, the list could go on!

Need some inspiration?
Check out our shortlisted finalists in the Pitman Training SuperAchiever Awards 2015. Our SuperAchievers awards were launched to show anything is possible and to acknowledge and reward people who are committed to driving their careers forward. There are some incredibly inspirational stories, which are sure to motivate you towards seeking out what you want to achieve in your career and highlighting how capable you are of setting your own career goals and achieving them.

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