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Stuck in a job you don't like?


According to research only 12% of employees are in jobs that they actually like – so don’t be stuck in a rut and read on for 4 handy tips on how to break out of that career rut today!

It could be you feel that you don’t get enough recognition in your current role either through salary or personal appreciation for the work that you do, or you are simply looking for a new challenge or have been actively looking for a new job or certainly thinking about it for years.

So how can you start afresh? Straight off there are two decisions to make; do you approach your manager to communicate how you are feeling in a professional manner or do you decide it’s time to move on to another company. Either way a new challenge is what is needed! Here are 4 ways to get the ball rolling:

1. Identify the main likes and dislikes of your current role 

Have you too much time on your hands for example? Are you spending all day on your phone, surfing the net, making coffee or simply frustrated by the lack of passion for the job you are in. Alternatively is it the opposite, are you running around stressed out constantly chasing your tail? It’s important to record these points, and while making a note of those make sure to make a note of what you do indeed like about your job. It will help you gain clarity for the next step!

2. Start researching

Research current job vacancies and ads in Waterford to see if any of them catch your eye and fit your list of likes that you have put together. Possibly think about having a chat with your existing employer about what roles could be opening up in the future that might suit your needs – you never know you might just want to tweak your current job. Or you might want to look at changing careers altogether? Is there something you love doing in your personal life that you could look for in a job?

3. Create a plan of action

This stage is about putting a plan together, so you need to decide based on your research which path to take and how you are going to get there. For example:

  • You might want to evaluate your skills. Do you have everything you need or could you enrol in a training course in Waterford and refresh your skills or add some new training to your CV.
  • You might need to update your CV and LinkedIn profile along with some interview skills and then send some messages to your contacts in the relevant area you are looking at.
  • Check out open positions at the companies you are looking at and draft targeted cover letters for each one.


4. Get Started

Now it’s time to get started, to give yourself target dates of completion based on your action plan and try to complete an item every week or every few days depending on how much realistic free time you have. Don’t lose faith try to keep up with the regular and weekly goals you have set. Remind yourself of why you are doing this and that each step is a step closer to the changes you are seeking!

Our Pitman Training team at our Waterford training centre in the IDA Industrial Park can work with you to help you understand these stages and offer career guidance and advice on how to reach your goals. If the path you are aiming for involves a refresh of skill-set or to learn a brand new skill they are on-hand for any advice you need such as relevant training, CV or interview skills. Our training programmes are flexible and at times to work around each student so training can easily fit in around current work or family commitments. Students can train part-time, full-time, evenings, weekends and from home.

For information on our range of training courses Waterford has to offer in areas such as Secretarial, Office Management courses and Executive PA courses  or information on our Medical Secretary training, Legal secretary, Accounting Technician courses, Bookkeeping and Finance training, Management courses, IT Courses, Programming courses, tech training, graphic design courses and many more, contact us today or call us 051 574 136 /FREEPHONE 1800 532 632, email [email protected] or WhatsApp 087 396 0854.





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