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Skills You Need To Work In an Office





Skills You Need To Work In an Office


Office administrators perform critical duties within organisations and are found in a variety of organisations. They are the first point of contact within organisations. Thus, a mix of skills is essential for delivering on office administration jobs excellently.




Employers seek essential office skills from persons that fill administrative positions.  Some of these skills include:


Communication skills: Oral and written communication skills are indicative of one’s ability to carry out office administrative duties. In interacting with the public and colleagues, administrative staff needs excellent oral communication skills.

Customer service skills: Customer service skills are highly in demand by employers of administrative staff because administrative staff serves as the interface of organizations with the public. 

Research skills: The roles of administrative staff include making reports based on thorough research. Administrative duties could also include finding research materials for management staff.

ICT skills: Administrative staff carries out their duties with the help of different hardware and software.


Thus, people seeking office administration positions are required to have an excellent knowledge of the software and hardware used in routine office duties. A range of soft skills is highly in demand for office administration roles. These skills are indicative of one’s ability to handle everyday duties with tact and efficiency. The soft skills that are currently in demand for office duties include motivation, flexibility, and attention to details.




As a basic, administrative staff must undergo various types of professional training to improve in their job description.  Pitman Training Cork offer many types of office based training. Pitman Training Cork offers an Office IT Diploma designed to improve the IT skills for those in office administrative positions or seeking administrative positions. Other courses available include Office Skills DiplomaReceptionist DiplomaOffice IT Diploma, and Administrative Assistant Diploma.


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