NEW YEAR, NEW JOB? Even Better - A New Career in Laois!

21/03/22 Laois

Everyone makes a New Year’s Resolution - from getting more exercise to changing their job. Make your New Year’s Resolution today and kick-start your professional development with Pitman Training Laois!

The media told us that 2021 was the year of The Great Resignation - with people across the world leaving their jobs and looking for a fresh start in a new career. While this might be true, changing your career isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The best career advice you can get right now is - “Don’t just change your job - aim for a better job with a higher salary!”

It’s time to retrain and show the world that you are ready for the market with a brand new set of job-ready skills.

Why Pitman?

With Pitman Training Laois you get to retrain and upskill from the comfort of home by doing one of our great, fully accredited adult education courses.

Are you looking to boost your chances of finding a new job in a challenging market? Do you want to change your career for one that is more satisfying and offers greater potential for professional development?

The best place to start is by choosing one of our many popular skills and job based online adult education courses. We offer a range of flexible training solutions to fit even the busiest of schedules. All our fully accredited adult education courses have been designed to the highest standards.

We provide great training with the needs of the modern workforce in mind. Our skills based training is aimed specifically at helping you achieve your professional development goals.

Some of our most popular courses include : 

We also have a solid range of skills-based courses including HR, Web, Graphic Design, Software Development, IT and Technical Training.

Study From Home

You have worked from home and looked for work from home. Now it’s time to study from home too.

It’s tough out there. According to a recent study by Central Statistics Office of Ireland -

"Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, just under half of the population aged 15 years and over (47%) have seen their employment situation affected. Employment effects due to COVID-19 include: Loss of employment, Temporary layoff, Change in work hours, Remote working from home or Change to business model to online/takeaway etc.”

Pitman Training Laois offers a range of skills based full time and part-time courses - especially designed for anyone on the job market and that is ready for the challenge of adult learning from the comfort of home.

Our blended learning approach is built on best practices in e-learning and flexible training. Together with your determination to succeed, our online learning courses give you a powerful advantage in a very demanding job market.

Now you can study from home and get a fresh set of skills aimed at ensuring you can find the right job for you by making it through recruitment screening that looks for ever-more specific training and skills.

New Year, New Start

Make more than a New Years’ Resolution. Get the job you deserve!

Don’t wait for the new year. Act now and start looking at how you can retrain, upskill and improve your career and job prospects for the new year.

We have the perfect online and blended learning solution to kick-start your career in the year to come.

In the meantime, from everyone at Pitman Training Laois, we wish you a safe Christmas and Happy New Year!

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