The impact of physical attendance in a training centre

The impact of physical attendance in a training centre


At Pitman Training, studying in one of our training centres is perfect for helping students utilise all areas of learning. Not only does in-person learning allow your learning coaches to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of students and provide an improved learning environment, but it also allows students that all-important social interaction. So, here are the three top benefits of learning in a training centre.

1. Working in a centre makes learning easier

Even if you set up a schedule, prepare a dedicated space to work and are full of motivation, being productive while studying from home can prove challenging. Be honest with yourself, can you really do your best work when you’re surrounded by reminders of chores you need to do, interruptions from family and the distractions of entertainment devices? In a training centre, students can concentrate better on their learning. Pitman students also have access to technology and equipment they perhaps wouldn’t get at home, which in turn allows you a far greater chance of completing your course successfully.

2. You have immediate access to learning coaches and tutors

When working in a training centre, you have immediate access to a learning coach who can give feedback on your work or a friendly push if you start to lose motivation. Having this face-to-face interaction with a learning coach can help you access more information and gain a richer understanding of the subject you’re studying. Knowing that someone is there to support you may feel more comforting and therefore help you learn more efficiently. 

3. Working with like-minded individuals

Socialising is so important when taking an adult learning course. It doesn’t just increase your wellbeing, it also helps you take study breaks and enjoy your free time far more. Studying online can often leave students isolated which, when you’re frustrated about something, can lead to less ambition to work. Making connections in a training centre gives you access to other students from various backgrounds and the Pitman centre team with whom you can problem-solve and network.

At Pitman Training, there’s no intimidating classroom atmosphere or competition! We ensure a comfortable, safe and friendly learning environment for all adult learners. And with our myPitman portal, you work at the pace that's right for you. So, if you’re interested in changing careers or upskilling, why not consider getting in touch with your local Pitman Training Centre to help you take the next step?

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