How to study in Clare during lockdown

How to study in Clare during lockdown


With Covid-19 restrictions now in force across the country, more people than ever will now be studying from home. Maybe you are trying to decide if taking on a Course or Diploma during lockdown is right for you, and if you will have the time to study.

In this article, we provide some practical tips to help you continue your studies effectively from the comfort of your home.

Your study space is important

Whether you have a home office, or you have set up to study in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, having your physical study space organised makes studying at home much easier.

As everyone has different living arrangements, the best approach is to find what works for you, but there are certain basics everyone should be able to apply.

Keeping your study space tidy will help to keep you motivated, while better organisation ensures you won’t lose anything throughout the month.

You should also do what you can to ensure your posture is correct when studying – if possible, avoid studying while lying in bed when reading and writing is trickier. This will enable you to study more effectively.

In any home, finding a quiet place can be difficult, but it can help to let others know you are studying and so disturbances can (hopefully) be kept to a minimum.

Don’t go it alone

This can be an isolating time for many people, but you can still keep in touch with friends and family virtually. Likewise, our Centre Tutors and Course Advisors are just a phone call away and were delighted to receive calls, updates and queries from our students studying remotely in 2020.

Keeping in contact with someone connected to your studies can go a long way, and at Pitman Training Clare we have found that students value communication with us throughout their studies.

Keep distractions to a minimum

There’s a big difference between procrastinating and taking a well earned break, and the key to avoiding endless hours on Netflix or scrolling through social media is to minimise your chances of distraction.

When studying, it’s a good idea to move your phone so it isn’t at hand. You can also use the Pomodoro method to break up your day more effectively.

Some people also find listening to instrumental music can help concentration, although others prefer to keep noise to a minimum. Find what works best for you.

Make a timetable

While at some training centres, times can be dictated to you, with Pitman Training you have the flexibility to decide when you study.

This means that you can set your own timetable to study at a time that suits you best. Just make sure that you include regular breaks!

You can also extend your planning by creating targets for yourself.

If you want to take the first step to a new career or simply want to upskill during lockdown, why not get in touch with us at Pitman Training Clare for a free career consultation? Our Course Advisors in Ennis are available for career consultations with no obligation, to help you find the right opportunities for you.

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