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How to choose a career that suits you!






How much do you know about yourself? If you plan to live a highly satisfying work life and enjoy your work, you should choose a career that suits you best. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who end up choosing the wrong career and frustrate themselves in the long run. Being in the wrong line of work doesn’t only ruin your professional life, but it harms your personal life as well. So, it’s crucial to choose the right career.

But how do you choose the right career? There are a number of things that you should take into consideration to pick a career that suits you best. A lot of people end up choosing the wrong careers in Kerry due to a lack of appropriate guidance and advice. You shouldn’t be one of them.

Given below are some important tips or guidelines that you should follow to choose the right career and be happy for the rest of your life.


Every one of us has strengths and weaknesses. The point is to find out what you are really good at. Are you good with numbers, perhaps a career in Bookkeeping or as an Accounting Technician in Kerry is something that you are suited to. Do you like dealing with the public, maybe a career starting out in Customer Service or working as a Receptionist is a good starting point? Do you love organising and planning, you could make an exceptional Office Manager or even Project Manager in Kerry? Alternatively your passion could be problem solving and your career path leans more towards technical roles such as working as a Software Developer or a Coder in Kerry. 

There must be something that you feel passionate about and are good at doing. You need to find out what those skills and strengths are so create a list of skills that you have. Then pick the strongest skills from that list. Consult your friends or family for an outer perspective. This will lead you naturally towards a number of professions and open your mind to thinking of further possibilities. Once you have this mindset it really will start becoming clearer and you can narrow the field down.


No matter where you live, you’ll always have people who are already employed, expert in a particular field or have more professional experience. It would be prudent to get in touch with these people and talk about your aspirations and gain some inside knowledge from them about their industry and experiences within. Gather information about different occupations and industries. 



When you decide which career you think you are best suited to, it may then be time to start training.  Our in-centre Career Advisors would love to meet you for a chat to see what career in Kerry would suit you best and if a training course is needed to get you there.  They will also go through your current skills, your interests and job opportunities so they can advise on the best fit. It is so important for you to take some time to see what areas you are interested in and sometimes sounding them out with a professional is exactly what you need.  




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